Impact Areas

Aviral Godavari Impact Areas

Watershed Management:

Involves implementing land use practices and water management practices to rejuvenate underground springs.Using trenches and ‘Loose Boulder Dams’ water flow will be slowed down, allowing better recharge of water underground. Existing grass on the mountain is to be protected (while allowing adequate grazing for local cattleherders and farmers), and new grass will be planted so that the topsoil can be protected on the allowing vegetation to flourish and for the force of rainfall to be broken, such that more water can seep into the ground. In addition, Rainwater harvesting for storage and for ground water recharge is being encouraged through schools, public institutions, private companies and local communities through initiatives like “MyWaterBank” to alleviate the water stress caused by growing human activity

Kund (Waterbody) Rejuvenation:

The activities under this area include restoration of existing water bodies and the creation of new ones, where necessary. There are over a 100 kunds, some of them quite ancient, which are part of the ecology of Nashik. The Aviral Godavari Mission’s immediate priority is to rejuvenate 20+ kunds and ponds on Brahmagiri using indigenous techniques, allowing the kunds and ponds to hold water which will be available to local residents, wildlife and plant-life on the mountain, as well as being a source of recharging the underground streams.

Tree Plantation:

Along with watershed management, extensive tree plantation will help to restore the ecology of the area, through topsoil protection, improved biodiversity, and underground sequestration of water. Apart from direct plantation, Mytree Academy workshops are being carried out in schools in Nashik and its vicinity to help create sapling nurseries with the active involvement of students. The objective of these workshops is to sow seeds of MyTree = Maitree (“friendship” with the environment) in young minds, the future of Bharat. Saplings are being given to the students to nurture, until they are ready to be transplanted on the Brahmagiri.

Cleaning & Plastic Pollution Prevention:

Through the MyBhoomi programme, in association with SagarMitra/TAA, Nashik Ploggers group and others, The Aviral Godavari Mission is targeting to make the next Nashik Kumbh Mela in 2027 a “Plastic Waste Free” Kumbh and Nashik a plastic-waste free city. Regular clean-up drives to remove plastic wrappers and other waste, activation of student groups across schools and institutions of higher education, as well as active support from local government is helping us reach these goals.

Women’s Empowerment & Livelihood:

The Aviral Godavari Mission believes that the programmes can only succeed and sustain by developing strong community ownership. The Mission is engaging with the local communities through a mix of tradition (employing mythology as a driver of water conversation) as well as the immediate by creating commitment through livelihoods that are tied to the preservation of nature and the water infrastructure.