MyTree Awareness Session and Plantation Drive at Espalier School, Nashik

MyTree Awareness Session and Plantation Drive at Espalier School, Nashik

by | Oct 2, 2023

Children are the seeds of hope for the future of mankind. When they come together to nurture the seeds of trees with love and care, the vision of “Godavari ki pavitrata” can be manifested.

Dwelling in Harmony with Nature


On 2nd October, 2023, as part of the Aviral Godavari Mission, The Satsang Foundation (TSF) conducted an awareness drive for the children of Espalier School, Trimbak Road, under the aegis of TSF’s MyTree initiative. Around 65 children, 12-14 years of age, participated in an interactive session during which they were sensitized on the importance of growing trees from seeds and nurturing them. The children then took a pledge to look upon trees as their friends and to protect them, exemplifying the spirit of maitri – loving friendship and harmonious coexistence with trees and nature. Sri M’s books and TSF badges were offered to the children as mementos of this special session presided over by Sri M.

Sowing Seeds of Hope


The children then sowed seeds of native tree species in Kusmadi grow bags consisting of soil enriched with 12 types of nutritional ingredients required for the seeds to blossom into saplings and nourish them for 18 months. These tender saplings will be transplanted in the terrain to improve its green cover. The MyTree team will monitor and maintain the saplings every quarter for the next one year and subsequently, once every six months.

Over 60 saplings of fruiting and flowering species such as mango, guava, amla, and champa found a home on the school campus, planted lovingly by the young green warriors.

Sri M’s Chaafa Tree

During Sri M’s visit to the school, Shri Sachin Joshi, Chairman, and Smt. Vrushali, the Administrative Head honored him with the renaming of a rescued and transplanted old Chaafa or Plumeria tree as ‘Sri M’s Chaafa Tree’.

Sri M also inaugurated ‘My Water Bank’, the rainwater harvesting project situated on the school campus and addressed the school students and the faculty. Having planted a sapling, Sri M distributed saplings as prasad to the children who planted these consecrated saplings soon after.

The MyTree campaign in Nashik is now rolling on to more schools, with another five being addressed within the month of October, and many more over the coming months so that a large bank of saplings is created for planting on the Mountain and its surroundings.