Planting of saplings at Trimbakeshwar

Planting of saplings at Trimbakeshwar

by | Oct 3, 2023

Sri M, Dr. Rajendra Singh, Smt. Shreya Deochakke, Trimbak CO, Shri Narendra Chugh and Shri Bapu Kulkarni of Jal Biradari launched the plantation of 200 saplings in Trimbak town as part of the Aviral Godavari Mission on 3rd October 2023.

The Aviral Godavari team comprising hydrological, topographical, and civil engineering experts has carried out a detailed analysis of 26 of these crucial ponds and identified the restoration of each one of them using indigenous techniques, thus respecting the heritage value of the kunds, and tapping into the ancient socio-cultural and scientific wisdom embedded in these techniques.

The Trimbak authorities have committed to protect and nurture the saplings.