Tree Plantation

Tree Planting and MyTree Initiative at Dyanjyot Academy, Trimbakeshwar

500 students of Dyanjyot had an interactive session with TSF MyTree team, who ran videos with the message to nurture and save plants so that we live a fulfilling and harmonious life on Mother Earth. The goal was to seed the minds of the students with the value and joy that nature provides and the importance of nurturing trees. The MyTree concept, mooted by Sri M and championed by The Satsang Foundation, aims to rekindle the individual’s connection with nature through the nurture of trees. The teachers, the headmaster and the correspondent also participated and assured us that they will be with us and spread the message. Brand Ambassador of ‘Chala Nadila Januya’ Marathi Actor and social activist Mr. Chinmay Udgirkar encouraged and motivated the children and the school with his speech. As a part of the program, 500 seed kits were provided by Vijayshree Sanstha to the students to create a sapling nursery bank. 

DATE OF PROJECT: 7 November, 2022

STATUS: Completed

IMPACT METRICS (Outreach Numbers): 500

Espalier School Session with Students

Tree Planting and MyTree Initiative at Espalier School Trimbak Road, Nashik 

Espalier School Session with Students
The MyTree team conducted an ” awareness drive” for 65 students from Espalier School, aged between 12-14 years. It was an interactive session to sensitize them on the importance of growing and protecting trees. The children then sowed seeds of native tree species in Kusumadi grow bags to be transplanted in the Brahmagiri terrain.  60 saplings of fruiting and flowering species were also planted additionally within the school campus by the students. 

DATE OF PROJECT: 2 October, 2023

STATUS: Completed

IMPACT METRICS (Number of trees): 125

Tree Planting and MyTree Initiative at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik 

Sri M, Dr Rajendra Singh, Smt. Shreya Deochakke (Trimbak CO), Shri Narendra Chugh (Convenor, Maharashtra Jal Biradari) and Shri Kulkarni (Jal Biradri) launched the plantation of 200 saplings in Trimbak town as part of Aviral Godavari Mission, which will be sustained by Trimbak authorities.

DATE OF PROJECT: 3 October, 2023

STATUS: Completed

IMPACT (number of trees planted): 200