Watershed Management

Building of a Loose Boulder Dam (LBD)/Bandhaara in Brahmagiri area.

The Aviral Godavari team collected boulders from the surrounding areas and arranged them to create a loose boulder dam on Brahmagiri as a barrier to slow the flow of rainwater downhill and allow it to percolate better into the soil. This will also reduce top soil erosion, allowing plants and the ecosystem to survive and thrive.

STATUS: Completed



RainwaterHarvesting Project at Espalier School, Trimbak Road, Nashik 

Sri M inaugurated “My Water Bank” , the rainwater harvesting project situated on the school campus and addressed the school children and faculty.

DATE OF PROJECT: 2 October, 2023

STATUS: Completed

IMPACT (litres of Water Capacity added/rejuvenated):

Rainwater Harvesting Project at MSB Educational Institute, Nashik 

The Aviral Godavari team and Dr. Rajendra Singh conducted an educational session for the students of the MSB education Institute and members of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Nashik. The community has initiated the “My Water Bank” project to equip the rooftops of around 1,000 houses to harvest rainwater for their own use as well as for recharging groundwater.

DATE OF PROJECT: 4 October, 2023

STATUS: Ongoing

IMPACT (litres of Water Capacity added/rejuvenated):